Off Road Hoverboard – All-Terrain Hoverboard


This Hummer Halo hoverboard is most welcomed on since 2017. It with cool black color and widest wheels, perfect for all terrains, like sand, grass etc. Free Carrying Bag!

8.5″ wider wheel Hummer halo hoverboard is the best choice for you to ride across the grass, gravel, dirt sticks and all terrain.

Bluetooth hover board Halorover  BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS: YES


8.5 Halo Rover hover board wheels  TIRE SIZE: 8.5 INCH INDESTRUCTIBLE NEVER-FLAT TIRES

800W Self-Balancing Scooter  MOTOR:  8.5″ 800 WATT ELECTRIC POWER MOTOR

water resistant hoverboard Halo Rover  WATER RESISTANCE: IPX4 WATER RESISTANT

Fastest hoverboard 2017  SPEED: UP TO 10 MPH

Halo Rover long range hoverboard  RANGE: UP TO 12 MILES

aluminum hoverboard Halo Rover  WEIGHT LIMIT: 44 LBS TO 260 LBS

Halo Rover steep hills  HILL GRADE: UP TO 20 DEGREES

Halo hoverboard LED headlights  LED HEAD LIGHTS: YES

Halo Rover UL 2271 hoverboard  BATTERY LIFE: UP TO 3 HOURS

Halo hover board UL 2271 battery  SAFE BATTERY: UL 2271 CERTIFIED LG LITHIUM ION BATTERY

Fast charge hoverboard  CHARGE TIME: 2.5 HOURS

Halo Rover hoverboard weight  WEIGHT: 32 LBS

Halo hoverboard age limit  FOR AGES: 7 AND UP