Mercedes Benz Unimog Ride on Car


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Mercedes Benz Unimog Electric Cars For kids In Green

The Mercedes Benz Unimog ride-on combines power and size. It has a great look, one that gives your child a sense of importance and boosts their confidence. Not only is it fun, but it also has a realistic design.

Are you worried that your child is too big to own a ride-on car? You need to abate your worries because this electric car is perfect for all children. Since it is a 2-seater vehicle, your child can ride in it with their friends.

pecifications for the Mercedes Benz Unimog Ride-on car

The specifications for the Mercedes Benz Unimog Ride-on car are as follows;

Specifications/Features Remarks/Information
Movement Forward movement and reverse
Seat It is a two-seater vehicle. Both of the seats have seat safety belts attached to them.
Traction The Mercedes Benz Unimog comes in two variants; one has a 2-wheel drive (2WD – Two 80W x 15000 RPM motors that power the rear wheels) with just two wheels having a separate engine and spring axles. There is also a 4-wheel drive (4WD Four 80W x 15000 RPM motors that power all the wheels) with each wheel having a separate engine and spring axles allowing for a 4-wheel drive control.
Manual controls Yes. The child can manually control the vehicle using the steering.
LED lights For both headlights and rear lights with a switch to alternate between the headlight and the rear light.
Key start No. It is started by pushing the start button
Manufacturer’s recommended age 2 to 8 years old
Tyres 14-inch EVA/Foam Rubber Wheels
Suspension for front wheels Yes
Suspension for rear wheels Yes
Rear compartment Yes. A child can fit toys or snacks into the little compartment
Spray painted Yes
Gears 3 gears (approximately 2Mph, 3.5Mph, and 5Mph) for forward movement and a gear for reverse
Acceleration pedal Does not twitch when stepped on, rather, the car begins to smoothly move
Built-in media player Yes
Integrated music Yes
Built-in FM Radio Yes
Sound control Yes
USB port Yes
SD card port Yes
Built-in AUX Yes
Bluetooth connectivity No
Built-in horn Yes. It works well
Easy Assemblage Yes, and it is not time-consuming
Battery 2x, 12V 14Ah
Battery voltage 24V
Battery voltage display Yes
Motors 4 x 35W
Recommended weight limit of vehicle 40kg
Maximum speed 5 kilometers / hour


Size specification for the Mercedes Benz Unimog Ride-on car

The size specification for the Mercedes Benz Unimog car is as follows;

Specifications Measurement/Remark
Product dimensions L x B x H – (130cm x 85cm x 84cm)
Product weight 27.8kg


The pros and cons of the Mercedes Benz Unimog Ride-On-Car

The pros and cons of the Mercedes Benz Unimog Ride-On-Car are given as follows;


  •       Kids will find it very comfortable and it comes with a three speeds selection system.
  •       It is capable of running on off-road surfaces



  •       The battery doesn’t seem to last long, and this is because of the incredible engine power the ride-on has.
  •       The doors of the vehicle are small and there are no windows.



Talking of a top class gadget, this is what you should be referring to. if you want your kid to be able to enjoy a ride both on and off the road.

It’s very durable and fast, your kid would feel like a racer in this ride; perhaps that can spark off a career path for Him or Her. You would get your money worth with this ride on car.