Inductive Robot Toy


Inductive Robot Toy Follow Black Line with LED Light Educational Toys for Kids Gift

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  • Best Novelty Gift for Kids: Kids will be amazed at how the inductive robot follows the Black Line automatically and have great fun. Just like magic!
  • Inductive Mini Robot: The mini robot toys has an optical sensor inside, so it can read BLACK THICK LINE drawn by any BLACK mark pen.
  • Inspire Kids’ Creativity: Kids or children can plan routes for the robot to follow with their own imagination and creativity. The robot will help kids to increase creativity.
  • Easy to operate: Batteries are installed in the robot with two insulation slices, just remove the insulation slices, then turn on the switch, the robot toys will work.
  • Useful Tips: The line thickness should between 0.4-1.0cm(0.16-0.39inch). 0.6cm(a quarter inch) thickness is best, and non sharp-angled line. The car will turn in circle if placed elsewhere until it finds a black line to follow.