CRAZON Ghost Sprint Crawler


CRAZON  Ghost  Sprint  2WD 2.4G 1:28 Remove Control Crawler

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The all-wheel drive radio-controlled  CraZon Ghost is a perfect gift for lovers of cars of any shape and purpose. The uniqueness of the model lies in the fact that the CraZon Ghost can easily transform into a buggy, that is, by purchasing this product, you will receive 2 cars instead of one. This buggy is designed not only for driving on flat surfaces. This model is not afraid of sand, gravel and dirt, so there is no need to select a place to ride. The body is made in black and green colors. The set includes a remote control that operates within a radius of 40 meters. The machine is packed in a box measuring 32x12x25 cm.

Radio-controlled traggy CraZon Ghost / Sprint 2WD 1:28 (replaceable wheels and body) – 172802 is a unique model – constructor. By purchasing this product, you can assemble one of two models of traggies or buggies. Putting together the constructor on radio control, the child develops attention and imagination, logical thinking and design abilities. He gets acquainted with the structure of technology, and how it works. Having understood the essence of the assembly, he will be able to do without instructions, striking adults with his ingenuity.


New Yes
vendor code 172802
Working time, minutes 15 minutes
Model equipment type RTF or RTR (completely ready to use)
Scale 1/28
Car type (cars) Traggi
Wheel drive 2 WD rear
Water resistant Missing
engine’s type Collector
Number of control channels 2 (back and forth and left to right)
Control range 20
Water resistant Missing
Wheel drive 2 WD rear
Model speed, km / h ten
Control frequency 2.4 GHz
Charging time 20-30 minutes
Battery capacity mAh model 200
Model battery voltage 3.7 Volts
Battery charging method From USB
Included in the kit
  • Traggi 172802
  • Pistol-type control panel
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Instructions
Sold separately 4 AA batteries for control panel