CRAZON Climbing RC Car with Wifi Camera

CRAZON 171804B Wifi Camera RC Car 2.4G 4CH 1:18 2WD Climbing RC Car



  • Product Features :1.Front / rear / left / right / 4WD / 2WD, can play on the ground, grasslands and sand.
    2.Dual-motor high-power 4WD drive system, high torque and horsepower, powerful front and rear bumpers, protection of RC cars, adapt to rugged riding conditions.
    3.Strong climbing ability, high power and climbing height will reach 45 degrees, long stroke damping springs and wide-angle twisting bodies are easy to crawl on any surface.
    4.Remote control and mobile phone remote control dual control mode. The 480P camera transmits photos and videos with the WiFi FPV. It can work with VR Glasses.
  • Selling Point :Remote controlled car will ignite child’s imagination and naturally encourage learning through play.
  • Remarks :4*1.5VAA (not included)